Cuckoo Clock 3D Screensaver

Cuckoo Clock 3D Screensaver 1.57

Un programa de prueba para Windows‚ por 3planesoft

Cuckoo Clock 3D Screensaver es una aplicación fantástica y de prueba solo disponible para Windows creada por 3planesoft. Ver descripción completa

Cuckoo Clock 3D Screensaver es una aplicación fantástica y de prueba solo disponible para Windows creada por 3planesoft.

Información adicional sobre Cuckoo Clock 3D Screensaver

Respecto a Cuckoo Clock 3D Screensaver, es una aplicación muy ligera que requiere mucho menos espacio como la media de las aplicaciones de su categoría.Desde que añadimos el programa a nuestro catálogo de programas y apps en 2012, ya tiene 10,888 descargas, y durante la última semana alcanzó 0 descargas.Cuckoo Clock 3D Screensaver está optimizada para dispositivos móviles con S.O. Windows 98 o posterior, y solo está disponible en Inglés. La última versión de la aplicación es 1.57 y la última actualización fue en 11/06/2012.

Cuckoo Clock 3D is a wonderfully crafted deep forest fantasy, that recreates a scene from a fairytale right on your Windows desktop. When you give your PC some rest, the desktop picture changes into a magic fairy world. A deep forest with a great old tree, cuckoo clocks, butterflies and fireflies appear on your screen. The animation is so real, that it seems that you can touch the tree and feel the leaves rustling. You will enjoy the original design from the first moment, graphically Cuckoo Clock 3D is incredible. This magnificent screensaver immerses you into the atmosphere of a fairytale, a perfect tool to remind of the time without disturbance and stress.

The Cuckoo Clock screensaver is displayed in true 3D from the first-person perspective. Cuckoo Clock 3D looks as if 4 original wooden clocks grow or built in the huge old tree. There are 4 amazing cuckoo birds living in their small clock-houses on this big fairy tree. They peek out at each solid and half hour and sing their song. The picture is different in the day and night: you can see the wonderful forest lit with the daylight, amazing birds and butterflies, while during the night a lot of fireflies will twinkle on your screen. The sounds change also, depending on the time of the day. The clock shows real computer clock time. No doubt, Cuckoo Clock 3D is a great addition to your desktop, making your home or office a cozy and tranquil place.

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Cuckoo Clock 3D Screensaver


Cuckoo Clock 3D Screensaver 1.57